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A negotiation, to be successful, must come from a position of leverage and strength. At our law practice, The Isak Law Firm, we have the strength and experience to negotiate the terms of your debts with your creditors. If you are being plagued by phone calls and letters from creditors and third party collection agencies, do not think that there is no way out. There is a way out. With our help, we can reduce your debt obligations to a fraction of their current amount. We have been negotiating debt reduction for our clients in Bel Air and the surrounding communities since 2011. We have developed a solid methodology for reducing our clients' debts by dealing directly with the creditor or collection agency who currently owns the rights to your account. In this way, we cut out unnecessary fees and middlemen, achieving a result for you that helps you get back to sleep at night, and enjoy a fresh start in life again.

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It makes no difference whether you have accumulated high balances on credit cards, home equity lines of credit, medical bills for necessary medical treatments, late car payments, late mortgage payments, judgments, or other forms of debt. We will immediately begin to take the pressure off of you by stopping all collection callas to you and rerouting the calls to us. We will negotiate from a position of strength, and either remove the debt from your record completely or negotiate a reasonable monthly payment that fits your budget. Some collection agencies try to collect on debts that are far past the statute of limitations, and some companies can't even prove they have the legal right to collect on your debt! Let us use our considerable knowledge and experience ferreting out the "zombie" debts and unvalidated debts from your life today. Contact us for a free evaluation so we can begin to get your life back on track. Call us today.

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