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Bankruptcy reflects a desire to be responsible and proactive about overcoming your debt and protecting your family.

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The law protects you & your family from harassment in the name of debt collection.

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We offer prompt and aggressive defense when you are facing the loss of your home because of debt.

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At The Isak Law Firm, we are committed to offering honest and affordable legal services to clients in Maryland throughout Harford, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Prince Georges County, Anne Arundel, Howard, Carroll, Montgomery, and Cecil County. Whether you are the victim of serious creditor harassment, are facing home foreclosure, or simply are struggling to stay afloat under the pressure of significant debt, we are prepared to help you. At The Isak Law Firm, we are proud of our reputation as an ethical and committed law office with a consistent record of success. With high standards of professionalism and the ability to foster trusting attorney-client relationships, The Isak Law Firm can help you get past this difficult chapter and find a fresh start.

Are you facing serious debt in Harford County?

Bankruptcy is a viable form of federal debt relief - it is even a constitutional right! Many millions of Americans have been able to achieve a clean financial slate by filing for bankruptcy. Put simply, this option works for many people, and it could be the right choice for you. Learn more about the benefits of bankruptcy by calling The Isak Law Firm today. We can help you assess your options and determine whether or not bankruptcy or another debt relief option is the best choice for you.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy - also known as liquidation bankruptcy - could allow you to completely discharge your debt. Even if you are not eligible for straight bankruptcy under the qualifying means test, you will most likely still be able to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 13, also known as reorganization bankruptcy. Chapter 13 allows you to discharge some debts and repay others over a longer period of time in manageable installments, all while preserving your assets.

Talk to the committed and knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer at our firm to learn about these and other options, including commercial Chapter 11 bankruptcy. At our firm, we go the extra mile to make sure that you are fully prepared not just for the immediate process ahead but also for life after bankruptcy. Our goal is to provide you with affordable services so that you can get back on your feet and achieve a fresh start marked by independence and stability.

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Filing for bankruptcy puts an immediate stop to wage garnishment and other serious debt collection actions. We offer emergency filings so that you can put a stop to foreclosure, garnishment, repossession, and other proceedings. Retain our skilled Harford County bankruptcy attorney at The Isak Law Firm help you obtain the fresh start you need. We are prepared to walk you through the process ahead and provide the effective and proactive representation you require at an extremely affordable rate.

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