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You've been fielding calls, or avoiding calls, from creditors for months. You figured, maybe if I don't respond they'll just go away. Then, suddenly, you receive a knock at the door, and you're being served with a complaint by a process server. You've been sued on one of the debt accounts you've been trying to avoid. Now what? You need an experienced, tenacious attorney who is thoroughly familiar with the laws and regulations concerning debt collection procedures.

At the Harford County offices of The Isak Law Firm, we are building a respected reputation for fighting back against creditors and collection agencies who consistently refuse to follow the rules. Many times, we have been able to have cases dismissed for debt collectors' failure to comply with the Fair Debt Collection and Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Maryland Fair Debt Collection Act (MFDCA) in our clients' cases.

Debt Case Investigation: Bel Air Debt Litigation Attorney

If you have been sued on a delinquent debt account, do not wait any longer, and call our law firm today. There are time limitations within which a defendant must answer the initial complaint, or else the case will then move to a default stage. Once you have been defaulted for not answering, your remedies begin to dwindle. Please take the time to call us as soon as you receive any complaint or summons in a case where you are the defendant.

Let us begin the investigation to determine what legal defenses are available in your case. We offer a case evaluation so we can thoroughly go over your records with you and determine the best defense to the creditors' claims. The sooner you act, the sooner we can put a stop to the nightmare. If you don't act, and the case moves to final judgment, there will be little anyone can do to avoid the judgment becoming a lien on your home, or other real property assets you may still have. Contact us today for a consultation.

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